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Putting Bicycle Industry at the Core of Sustainable Development

Embracing disruptive technologies

International Climate Conferences and national governments are setting ambitious sustainability goals. Goals that can only be met through radical changes. Like doubling the modal share of cycling in the world’s biggest cities. These grand ambitions put the bicycle industry at the core of sustainable development.


But what must the industry do to meet its sustainability potential? What’s needed for manufacturing processes? What kind of materials and technologies can we expect? And what will be the recycling and corporate social responsibility climate?


The 2019 World Cycling Forum addresses these in-depth questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the answers presented at the forum. Get better equipped to prosper as these massive changes make their impact felt on the bicycle industry. Join us on June 4 and 5, 2019 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands for the World Cycling Forum 2019.

Why Attend?

See here the reasons why you can not miss this year’s edition.

2nd World Cycling Forum

A landmark agreement. Ambitious sustainability goals. Profound consequences. The COP Paris Conference of 2015 changes the landscape in the battle against climate change and the bicycle can play a vital role.


The 2019 World Cycling Forum addresses the sweeping ramifications of this landmark agreement. It is increasingly clear cycling can play a very important role in the efforts to limit global temperature increase and greenhouse gas emissions. On how the industry is to meet its full sustainability potential, this 2-day international congress features a series of experts that will focus on issues such as:


• Future manufacturing landscape

• Innovative materials & practices

• Sustainable processes & technologies


The World Cycling Forum 2019 sets the stage for an industry-level dialogue and provides a series of events suited for networking. This is your chance to participate in the conversation, understand the issues, and in charting a course forward also relevant to your company.


The second International Conference for the bike industry takes place at a maritime conference location. Former cruise liner ss Rotterdam (located 7 km from Rotterdam The Hague Airport and only 50 km from Amsterdam Airport) is the floating venue for the 2 nd World Cycling Forum on June 4 and 5, 2019.