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Steffen Fuchs

SRAM Technical Support Manager

6 September • 16h00


Steffen Fuchs is the SRAM Technical Support Manager for the Germanic Market, responsible for leading the 20+ team members within the technician service, planning, and education departments in Schweinfurt, Germany. With 15 years of professional experience, Steffen has spent the last 9 years of his career with SRAM Germany, with extensive international experience in all facets of customer care and always working on process improvements. He engages closely with end-Riders and retail and distribution partners, supporting them along their customer journey with product education, technical solutions, and facilitating post-purchase support. Steffen is a motivated bike rider, ex-racer, and professional riding coach.


Riding bikes without any hurdles is essential, not only for our customers but also for ourselves as motivated cyclists.​
Bicycles are the best partners to get to places, have fun out on trails or do a workout.​

SRAM service department´s highest priority is to provide support, education and overall a great experience for all our customers.​

We don´t see our service as a simple After-Sales force, but will be pro-actively working with our customers from pre-purchase to long-term product performance and rider happiness.​

Kai and Steffen will show you around our teams and all efforts SRAM puts into their riders journey.​

They will explain our groups standard work and how SRAM will always evolve to meet rider needs!​

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