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Rutger Oldenhuis

Rutger Oldenhuis

Legal counsel, Product safety & recall, Owner at RecallDesk

New EU Product Safety Law Will Be A Game Changer


Rutger is an experienced and seasoned lawyer, holding a master degree in both civil and tax law. He has been Head of Legal of Shimano Europe B.V. for almost 17 years. He also headed the rowing division of Shimano Europe for 7 years, allowing him to gain valuable commercial and supply chain experience. As of April 2021, Rutger started his own venture RecallDesk, which is specialized in product recalls. The WFSGI and Rutger go back a long way. Rutger has been an active member of the WFSGI Legal Committee for many years. Rutger has been Vice-Chair of the Legal Committee for several years.


December 13, 2024 is a date that should be marked in the calendars of all consumer goods manufacturers. As of that date, the new EU General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) will come into force, replacing the outdated EU General Product Safety Directive. The ink has yet to dry, but one thing is certain: sales of consumer goods in the EU will never be the same again. During this presentation, Rutger Oldenhuis will take you along the main lines and critical points of the GPSR.

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