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Julia Hobohm

Julia Hobohm

Managing Director, Gemeinsame Rücknahmesystem Servicegesellschaft mbH

Challenges and Opportunities of Lithium Batteries in the framework of the Battery Regulation


Dr. Hobohm studied process engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg. From 2011-2018, Dr. Hobohm was research assistant at the Hamburg University of Technology, Institute for Environmental Technology and Energy Economics, Group for Waste Resource Management. The topic of the doctorate was the resource-optimized collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment. After her doctorate, Dr. Hobohm she became head of waste management at a municipal company. Since 2019 she has been responsible for the operation of the return systems of GRS batteries, since 2022 she has been the managing director of GRS Service GmbH. Miss Dr. Hobohm is active in the field of teaching with two lecture series at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and a teaching position at the DKU. In addition, she has been on the board of the German Society for Waste Management since 2019, heads a working group, represents the DGAW on the advisory board of the IFAT trade fair and has been on the executive board of the DGAW since 2022. She also produces and moderates the “TrashTalk” podcast together with the magazine EUWID. Julia Hobohm is in the moderator network of the Obladen Academy and leads the exchange of experiences between the collection points. She has been on the Executive Board of the IFAT trade fair since 2023. She is the author or co-author of over 200 specialist articles in journals, conference proceedings and books.


“Challenges and Opportunities of Lithium Batteries in the framework of the Battery Regulation”

  • New European Regulation: producer obligations to use recycled lithium for new batteries
  • Lithium market situation: Gap between availability of EoL batteries and raw material requirements
  • Circles of Recycling: material flows for EoL batteries
  • Technological possibilities
  • GRS closed the loop: green mass as a preliminary product for Li-refining

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