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Dr. Will Norman

Walking & Cycling Commissioner, Mayor of London, UK



Will Norman is London’s first Walking and Cycling Commissioner, working to deliver the Mayor’s pledges to make walking and cycling safer and easier in the capital.
Will was previously Director of Global Partnerships at Nike. He spent more than three years working with not-for-profits, governments, UN agencies and European Institutions to tackle the global inactivity crisis, with a particular focus on getting children more active.


Like all major cities, London is counting the cost of a century of designing its streets for cars. Toxic air pollution, increasing congestion, an inactivity crisis and unacceptable road dangers means we must urgently rethink how people move around our city. We are taking radical steps to shift from unnecessary car use to more active and sustainable modes of transport. Cycling is key to this transformation. Bikes are already the fastest growing form of transport in central London and our plan is to double the number of people cycling over the next five years. The Mayor is investing unprecedented levels of funding in safer cycle infrastructure. However, this change in culture requires more than just money. It requires government, communities and businesses to work together. Only through partnership can we make London a greener, cleaner, safer and even more successful city for everyone.