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Bob Margevicius – MODERATOR


6 September . 7 September

“If you are not at the table, you are on the menu”


Robert J. Margevicius is Executive Vice President of Specialized Bicycle Components. A Morgan Hill, CA, based importer, distributor and manufacturer of bicycles and accessories. He leads the Specialized’s Asian Operations as well as strategic planning, product sourcing, product development and supplier relations.

For 22 years, he has been integral to the global growth at Specialized. He was formerly President at Service Cycle Bicycle Corporation, a leading importer of Mongoose juvenile and adult bicycles. Robert joined Service Cycle Bicycle in 1986 and was responsible for the re-organization of the company’s product development, marketing and sales operations.

For 22 years, he has been integral to the global growth at Specialized. Robert started his bicycle industry care er in 1979 as the Vice President of Purchasing and Marketing for West Coast Cycle Supply, the designer, importer and distributor of Nishiki, Azuki, Cycle Pro and Haro bicycles. He received his BS from the LaSalle University in political science and economics, Philadelphia Pa, is a Stanford Executive MBA graduate and Wharton EDP graduate. Robert is former professional cyclist, and currently a very active cyclist, runner, swimmer and triathlete. He currently serves on several industry and corporate Board of Directors. Robert serves as a USA Industry Trade Advisor to the Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and the USA Trade Ambassador Kathrine Tsi.

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