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World Cycling Forum on Frehly Baked Bikes: Input From Footwear Industry

The Netherlands/Switzerland – What is currently happening in the bike sector with regard to disruptive changes brought about by online players, is also happening in other sectors. Like in the footwear industry. How the shoe sector is responding to changes in consumer behavior resulting in rapidly growing online sales is presented at next month’s World Cycling Forum.

The World Cycling Forum is organized by the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and Bike Europe. This Conference puts the cycling industry’s near future into perspective. That future will be dominated by online ordering consumers. What changes this brings to the sector will be described by a series of expert speakers. They will narrow down that future perspective with detailed presentations on distribution strategies, on supply chain changes, on outsourcing and many others.


Footwear industry

Consumer centricity is the main theme of the World Cycling Forum 2017 that take place next June 7 and 8 in Porto, Portugal. The theme is linked to rapidly growing online sales for all sorts of products – including shoes. How the footwear industry is responding to these changes will be presented by Christian Decker. He is the MD of DESMA. This is the leading machinery and moulds supplier for the footwear industry. He is also a member of the Steering Committee ‘Platform Industrie 4.0’ of the German government. His presentation at the World Cycling Forum is on freshly baked bicycle and the need for automation/robotics for increasing speed to market.


Individualized production

That Christian Decker’s presentation at the World Cycling Forum is titled “Freshly Baked Bicycles” has all to do with the basic trend in the footwear industry. This trend is, “Individualized production in the neighbourhood of the consumer integrating its individual physical demand on the product “shoe.” Christian Decker is having the idea of combining production with entertainment and calls it ‘ProduTainment’ to reanimate the real shopping experience beside the typical global trend of online-retailing.


Like the bicycle business the footwear market is very strong driven by a seasonal business and fashion. Decker says “This makes it important to produce more on demand instead of pushing an estimated number of products into the market and expect, that the sales expectations will be fulfilled. Everything is going into disruptive changes of the supply chain and can have a dramatic change of the roles for all stakeholders in the business. Especially brands, manufacturers and retailers will see a total different world in 2025!”


List of participating companies

Christian Decker’s presentation will provide the bicycle industry with ideas on options for new business models. He is one of keynote speakers of the World Cycling Forum 2017. Next to expert-speakers the World Cycling Forum features an interactive format with numerous Q&A sessions. This will bring about an industry-level dialogue between speakers and participants. The World Cycling Forum targets top managers and decision makers of bicycle and e-bike industry in Europe, US and Asia. The current list of participating companies includes decision makers from Merida, Ghost Bikes, Decathlon, Selle Royal, Accell Group, Shimano, Scott Sports, RTE, Wattbike, Bejing Tsinova Technology, Biketec, BMC, Campagnolo, Halfords, Joy Industrial, Fritz Jou Bikes Europe, Polisport, Phylion Batteries, Triangles, Rodi, Miranda etcetera.


There are still seats available for participating the World Cycling Forum 2017. For more information and for registration details: www.worldcyclingforum.org

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