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Adam Tranter

Founder & CEO at Fusion Media and Co-founder of The Running Channel

6 September • 13h30 • Cycling Promotions: Government Initiatives – A review of the range of government initiatives to aid and develop cycling


Adam Tranter is the CEO of communications agency Fusion Media, working with brands such as Specialized, Shimano, Raleigh and Brompton. In 2020, Fusion founded the industry-funded #BikeIsBest campaign to communicate the benefits of cycling to the British public. He is also a co-host of the Streets Ahead podcast and is Bicycle Mayor for the city of Coventry, the home of the original bicycle boom in the late 19th century. The Bicycle Mayor position helps coordinate between key city stakeholders to help secure better cycling infrastructure.


Cycling in Europe is booming but what can the industry do to lock in the benefits? Unprecedented public investment has led to new infrastructure but there’s much more left to do. Adam Tranter, Founder of Fusion Media and the industry-backed #BikeIsBest campaign explains what needs to happen to achieve a cycling revolution in the UK – and how the private sector can support government’s investment in active travel.

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